SUNOVA ALLROUND FAAST PRO 14′ x 22” /23” /24” /25”

200,00 1079,00 

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THE ALLROUND FAAST PRO is what its name says!!

A race board designed for any possible conditions to give you an edge when it’s all happening. Ocean, Downwind, Flatwater, Races, Training, Fun, anything you can think of.

This board has more of a flat deck design with only a subtle recess. This helps with stability and ease of use in any condition. With a rough water focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind also.

When you want one board that does it all, it’s this FAAST.


Euro Tour Season Rent, Spring SUP Race, The Lake Rocks Festival, European SUP Championship by ECA, Lake Ohrid SUP Сrossing, Skrea Beach Race, Agios ON SUP, ICF SUP World Championship 2024


14'x25'', 14'x22'', 14'x23", 14'x24''


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