2023 STARBOARD SUP SPRINT 14′ x 20.75” /23”

200,00 649,00 

We moved the drainage from the rails to center of the board resulting in:

• Less water weight on the rails, reducing the water causing imbalances in lateral stability.

• Faster drainage, we recorded up to 50% faster drainage time (drained in 18 strokes with center vs 39 strokes with rails).

• 50% reduction in weight change from 4 to 2 drainage holes

• The standing area is much drier overall as less water enters when leaning on the rail to rail turn.

If you need to rent more than one day, add all the dates you need to the cart one by one.

2023 Starboard SPRINT

The Sprint is without doubt our fastest and most efficient race board for flat-water racing and ultra-long distances.

A new thicker slicing nose design displaces water with a cleaner release so you can paddle faster with less water wrapping and slowing you down.

Rounded rails at the tall feel more forgiving in side chop and creates a more efficient release.

A refined standing cockpit with more dug-out rails helps utilize the full width to give you more stability and control.

Redesigned centre drainage system gives you 50% faster drainage speed, 50% weight reduction.

Caterina Stenta won the SUP Alp Trophy on this board with Ole Schwarz on the podium.


Euro Tour Season Rent, Spring SUP Race, The Lake Rocks Festival, European SUP Championship by ECA, Lake Ohrid SUP Сrossing, Skrea Beach Race, Agios ON SUP, ICF SUP World Championship 2024


14'x20.75″, 14'x23"


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