Navigating the Season: A Note to Our Valued SUP Community

Dear SUP Enthusiasts,

The competitive SUP season is a sprawling journey filled with races spanning different geographies. However, we know that sometimes the announcements of these events can come quite late. In such cases, it becomes challenging for us to offer our services effectively.

We’ve received numerous requests for events like the ISA World Championships in France and EUROSUP in Portugal. These competitions were announced midway through the season, catching us somewhat off guard. While our primary goal is to make your event experiences as seamless as possible, especially for those of you traveling from different continents, logistical hurdles sometimes make this difficult.

This season, we’ve worked diligently to provide our services, often striving to cover our operational costs. However, with events like ISA and EUROSUP, we faced difficulties in recruiting enough participants to justify the costs of travel to these venues.

We believe in transparency and honesty in our relationship with our community. Our community, while passionate, is not as large as we’d like it to be. To grow together, we need open communication.


We can already see that we’ll have around 500 participants, according to our estimates. Most of our fleet is already booked, but we’re working to expand our board offerings. We’ve added approximately two dozen more boards. So, if you visited our website and found that boards weren’t available, we encourage you to check again. Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us manually through our website or Instagram, and we’ll do our best to find a solution for each of you.
We genuinely appreciate your understanding and the mutual support that defines our community.

“Towards a Brighter Future of Seamless Racing”

We deeply regret that we couldn’t extend our services to all of you for certain events this season, and we want to express our sincerest apologies. Our mission has always been to make your racing experience smoother and more enjoyable, particularly for those who travel from afar. We understand the challenges faced when late event announcements and logistical issues arise, and we’re committed to finding solutions. Looking ahead, we kindly request event organizers to consider collaborating with us to ensure that paddlers, including SUP surfers, can travel light and compete at their best. Together, we can create a more accessible and seamless racing experience for everyone in the paddling community. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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