World SUP Festival Recap

Let me share with you our emotions and feelings from the World SUP Festival.

The first thing to note is that as long as we have organizations like the Daniel Parres Club and his team on the globe map and perhaps for some of you, the Be Watersport Club may remain in the shadows, we can be calm. It is a forge of real athletes and personalities that will supply faces for our sport for the next 10 years, regardless of the results.
I saw with my own eyes the amount of kids, equipment, and spirit of a real team. I can personally say that it does not matter if the sport is Olympic or remains commercial, which may be better. We will have the spectacle, the community, and the industry as a whole.

I would also like to add the Polish team from RTW Raciborz as well as the Italian club SUP Academy Taranto I am sure we do not know many, but I would like to write more about you. This is an example.

Let’s go back to the races, which gave us a lot of exciting fights and emotions.

A long race within the Euro Tour was probably missing only Michael Booth, Danny Ching, Daniel Hasulyo and South American stars who used to shine at the Panamerican event such as Itzel, David, and Gui who had an incredible emotional celebration of victory (see his emotions and story at SUPRACER)

The main struggle was among the names we know, a pack of world champions from different years and under different federations, “Shrimpy” Shuri Araki, Noic, Bruno on the brightest board on the market (my note), Clemens, talented Spanish crew, the incredible Rai Tyaguchi, Ty Judson, Donato “Thunder” and many others who are very close to the main train of the race. Do you remember that 4-5 years ago, this group was limited to 3-4 people, two of whom were the brothers Hasulyo, Michael and Tituan? A little further were Lincoln , Kenny Kaneko and Vinicius Martins?

Do you know what has changed? The speed of the leaders has remained the same. The rest of the world has moved closer. A lot of people are driving at this speed, but mentally not everyone is ready to win and cope with the conditions in real-time. However, the competition has grown a lot, and that pleases me. It grew up thanks to coaching and not so many training units. We will write about them later.

Among women, the main event was the return of Fiona Wylde. It happened only in the APP Race, but Espe kept the crown at a long distance and this is work. The race showed the alignment of affairs. A long distance is still experience and constant racing practice, tactics, and strategy.

Alba is not exactly a dark horse. Legally, she is in her place, and the incredible Cecilia, who is still gnawing at age rivals in junior reserves.


4. Anna Tschirky 🇨🇭 independent rider 🙂

  1. Mélanie Lafenêtre 🇫🇷
  2. Fiona Wylde 🇺🇸
  3. Juliette DuHaime 🇦🇷
  4. Mari Carmen Rivera 🇵🇷
  5. Iona Rivet 🇫🇷
  6. Susak Molinero

I think there is no need to talk about these names and who won what. It’s just the top 10 of the women’s race, which is already solid and worthy. Although it would be cool to see those women who left priority to race in both American continents, including Duna Gordillo, gather in Thailand.

The crosswind and the broken waves left the very emotions that, in my opinion, the sea race is supposed to evoke: pain, warmth, and mental struggle with oneself and opponents.

Moving on to the next day, the APP Race, which for some reason was called a sprint. But as has already been pointed out by many, even from a scientific point of view, it’s hard to call it a sprint. Nonetheless, it was a technical sprint, spectacular and interesting. Let’s note that while the start from the shore would be 30-50 meters with a run, no one could take Conor, even with a higher speed. The kangaroo style of our comandante decided the race with three seconds. Having run out on the floor of the board ahead, the others had already mentally conceded and were only trying to catch up with the leader, who was already in control of the race.

The most important thing from Conor now is not his victories but his behavior and example. Look at what Conor does before the start at the ISA World Finals. Seeing what he was doing now, the guy comes up to everyone hugs and says hello. This is what Conor left us already: respect and love, faith and determination. It gives me the creeps right now. Thanks Conor.

The women’s race was interesting right up to the finish line, where Fiona took her own victory. Let’s be honest; she and we needed it too after her surgery. It’s very strong and an example for everyone.

The fight for medals was no less exciting:

  1. Mélanie Lafenetre 🇫🇷
  2. Juliette DuHaime 🇦🇷
  3. Caroline Küntzel 🇩🇰

I want to note Caroline’s falls and tears, and I think that this defeat will put her on an even stronger motivation. Such defeats are necessary.

Melanie’s finish, as it was said, only she could do this, and this is due. But Julie put the whole native continent on the podium, not just Argentina. SUP is alive everywhere, everywhere!!!!!

I will definitely return to the juniors because it was still more interesting for me to mature there. But I need to get all the surnames that will be heard by everyone in 3-5 years!

Thank you for your attention. I do not pretend to be a real journalist. I share my opinion as an avid fan of this wonderful sport.
Thank You,
Kraitor Andrey.

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  1. VeritY Thomas

    Andrey 🙏🏽 The field of Men, Women & Juniors has grown a lot in the past few years, for sure. The racing is becoming exciting as the standard is so high and there are so many people who ‘could’ win each race, it’s becoming harder to predict! ❤️ It’s going to be an exciting year to watch the ‘old’ paddlers (Fiona, Seychelle, Susak etc) who have had time out, fighting with the ‘new’ !!! 🙌🏽💪🏽

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