Get Ready for an Unforgettable World SUP Festival in Santa Pola!

This weekend, the World SUP Festival Costa Blanca is set to take place, with a field of 300 participants from 29 countries, including some of the top international racers in the world. With an impressive lineup of talented athletes, this event promises to be a memorable one.

The festival will kick off with the Euro Tour Long Distance 15km race on Saturday, followed by the APP World Tour Sprints on Sunday. You won’t want to miss a moment of the action, as the world’s best SUP athletes compete for the title.

Some of the top names to watch out for include Espe Barreras, Fiona Wylde, Mélanie Lafenetre, Caroline Küntzel, Cecilia Pampinella, Anna Tschirky, Alba Frey, Susak Molinero SUP, Iona Rivet, Erica Revil, Izaskun Martin, Shuri Araki, Noïc Garioud, Connor Baxter, Arthur Arutkin, Ty Judson, Bruno Hasulyo, Rai Taguchi, Christian Andersen, Blue Ewer, Clément Colmas, Paolo Marconi, Leonard Nika, Ricardo Rossi, Donato Freens, Andrey Kraytor, Ludovic Teulade, Manuel Hoyuela Rojas, Fernando Perez, Antonio Morillo, Davide Alpino, Linus Karlsson, and many more. – @TotalSUP

The event is being sponsored by Alicante City, and there will be live streaming schedules available, so you can follow all of the action from wherever you are. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to witness some of the world’s best SUP athletes in action!

Union Paddlers attended the World SUP Festival for the first time and provided support for riders from New Zealand, Greece, Slovenia, and France. The event had a great vibe, and the organizers did an excellent job. With our race board rental solutions, we hope to see even more paddlers next year.

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